Meet Your Instructors

Political Director

Kamilah Prince

Kamilah Prince has over two decades of political experience with an extensive background in state and national politics. Kamilah is currently the Political Director with the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) which is the national committee dedicated to winning elections on the state level. Kamilah will discuss the different offices that exist, what they do, and how to choose a position that’s right for you. She will also help you think through how you will talk about your vulnerabilities, should they come to light.

At-Large Representative, D.C. State Board of Education

Ashley Carter MacLeay

Ashley MacLeay was elected in 2020 to serve as D.C.’s National Committeewoman to the RNC. She previously served as the at-large representative for the D.C. State Board of Education. Ashley is the director of external relations for Independent Women's Forum and Independent Women’s Voice. Ashley will discuss the importance of a close support system to succeeding on the campaign trail.

Campaign Consultant and Strategist

Sarah Curran

Sarah Curran has over a decade of experience working on political and issue advocacy campaigns and leading coalition-building efforts. Sarah oversaw the development of WPLN's online and in-person training curriculum for candidates, nonprofit development, and preparing newly elected officials for office. Sarah is a sought-after campaign strategist who has recruited and trained hundreds of women to run for office. A political and digital professional with over a decade working at home and abroad, she is a proven operator who has helped candidates win and change the debate.

Campaign Consultant

Micah Yousefi

Micah Yousefi serves as Winning For Women’s Political and Policy Director where she is responsible for developing a slate of endorsed conservative women candidates, articulating and advancing the organization’s policy objectives, and managing the organization's Super PAC Independent Expenditures. Micah will discuss life as a candidate and the financial decisions you’ll need to make before committing to a run. She will also help you Think through talking about your vulnerabilities, should they come to light.

Campaign Consultant; Partner, Bass Public Affairs

Deana Bass Williams

Deana Bass Williams is a partner at Bass Public Affairs. She specializes in helping organizations impact public discourse by projecting a clear message in the crowded marketplace of ideas. Deana has an extensive background in media relations, public affairs, and political communications. Are you prepared for public life? Deana will help you think about what it means to be a leader in your community, and how you can prepare to be thrust into a story or handle a crisIs at any time.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Office You Want To Run For

    • Tell us about yourself!

    • Chapter Summary

    • Choosing an Office to Run For

    • Explainer: The 3 Branches of Government

    • What Position Is Right For You?

    • Thinking About Your Survey Results

    • BONUS: Advice for Returning Candidates

    • BONUS: Advice for Incumbents

  • 2

    Your Support System

    • Chapter Summary

    • Candidate Testimonial: Ashley Carter MacLeay

    • Guide to Building Your Kitchen Cabinet

  • 3

    Time & Financial Considerations

    • Chapter Summary

    • Time and Financial Considerations

    • BONUS: Advice for Returning Candidates

    • BONUS: Advice for Incumbents

    • BONUS: Advice for First Time Candidates

  • 4

    Life In the Public Eye

    • Chapter Summary

    • Life In the Public Eye

    • Tips on Writing Your Stump Speech

    • BONUS: Advice for First Time Candidates

    • BONUS: Advice for Returning Candidates

  • 5

    Skeletons in Your Closet, Vulnerabilities, and Your Public Record

    • Chapter Summary

    • Candidate Vulnerabilities

    • Personal Audit

    • BONUS: Advice for First Time Candidates

    • BONUS: Advice for Returning Candidates

    • BONUS: Advice for Incumbents